De Primo Act

This is a good story about two regular people. It happened in New York's Time Square on the evening of November 14. It was cold and the homeless man was barefoot. Officer Larry DePrimo was walking his beat when he saw the problem. He walks into a shoe store and (with his own money) buys a pair of size 12 all-weather boots and some thermal socks. This picture was taken by a tourist, with her cellphone. DePrimo did not know that his picture was being taken.  It was posted on the NYC Facebook page and quickly went viral. Officer DePrimo did something special.  An common guy doing an uncommon thing!

So, an isolated, private moment is now seen around the world.  I say, "Good!"  We can all see what we should be doing, in this world - at Christmastime and always.

And we learned it from a common New York City cop!

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