Academy Awards

Michelle Obama
I have always thought that the Academy Awards were a little weird. Think about it. Hollywood takes a night out to honor itself!  

Yes, most of the actors in Southern California are not millionaires. They were at home, watching the show, just like we were.

So, what we saw, tonight, was a select stream of millionaire actors competing with each other for awards. The winners of the awards
are able to command more money for their next projects!

Why did I watch? I watched because I am curious, that's why. I thought that Michelle Obama's appearance, via satellite, to present the final award for Best Picture was a little weird. It felt out of place to me. Something just didn't seem right. The President's wife presenting an Academy Award? No. The White House is part of the Executive Branch of Federal Government. The Academy Awards is "entertainment," you know, "make believe." Let's see. the White House participating in the annual self-appreciation ritual of people who, for the most part, make a living by "pretending?"

Yeah! I see the connection!
Never mind!

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