Beyonce Halftime Show

Photo by Film Magic
I am an old white guy. I know that I'm not as hip as I used to be, but on the other hand, I think I am better equipped now to recognize crap when I see it! This year's Super Bowl Halftime show was CRAP!

I have a good TV with a pretty good sound system. I couldn't hear the singing! The show was about singing, right? Beyonce was dressed like a stripper. Let's pause here and point out that the show was produced by the NFL and sponsored by Pepsi. This means the the NFL is responsible for it's content and Pepsi should be concerned with the production upon which they are paying to put their name! Does the NFL or Pepsi think that Beyonce, dressed like a stripper and squatting like a dog in heat, is appropriate family entertainment? 

Waste of airtime.

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