Clear Channel Says NO to This Ad

Clear Channel Logo
I always find it interesting when a large (or small) corporation turns down money! In THIS economy, what could they be thinking? Clear Channel Communications is based in San Antonio, Texas and owns more than 1,200 radio stations in the USA.   That's a lot of damn radio stations.

Below, is a radio ad that they refused to air. I know, it looks like a TV ad...but they obviously rejected the audio...for their radio stations. I suppose they have their reasons.   See if you can find any reasons to reject this one.  Any falsehoods, in the ad?  What's going on, here?

As I think about this, I'm wondering how one company can be allowed to own 1,200 radio stations. Given that most of these are large stations, Clear Channel has a pretty big "piece of the pie." In my lifetime, I can remember when there was a limit of 6 AM, 6 FM and 6 TV stations to one owner. The FCC did this to protect the public from a biased point of view.   Apparently, this priority has become outdated. 

Back to Clear Channel. Why would they want to upset the current administration in D.C.? If you keep them happy, you have a good chance of keeping the FCC happy. 


I think I just answered my own question.

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