Super Pick 2013

It's that time again! The only time of the year that we try to figure out ROMAN NUMERALS! (XLVII = 47.)  They really should use the date. The only problems is....the season was played during one calendar year and the "Big Game" is played in the following calendar year.
You want a prediction? I predict that it will be a physical game. Turnovers and special teams will enter into the equation. 24 points could win this game! Keep an eye on the field goal kickers and the rushing defense. My pick, Baltimore Ravens by 3

A word about commercials. Where I live, it is common for an advertiser to pay less than $200 to produce a TV commercial. To air a TV commercial (where I live) costs between $6 and $500 per broadcast. (Less on cable!)  Maybe this is why I expect "so much" from a multi million dollar production of a :60 commercial. I can guarantee that the local advertisers will be paying through the nose and that their locally produced commercials will look horrible as they air adjacent to the ones being showcased during the Superbowl.   It's funny, but it happens every year!  Local business people will try to boost their egos by airing their cheaply produced TV commercials during the "local windows" of the Superbowl broadcast.  It is (or should be) embarrassing for small businesses.

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