Couple Celebrates 80 Years

I saw this "feel good" story and I wasn't sure if I should share it with you until I saw the picture(s)!

Robert and Virginia Gerald will be celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary on April 12. He's 97 and she's 95. They had 11 children, but they can't agree on whether they had 36 or 40 grandchildren.  Apparently, this is one of the few things on which they disagree.

Their advice for a long and happy marriage is to “be humble and have patience.”

Here's something else - it's the reason that I posted this story - the pictures. The picture on the left is said to be about 10 years old. It ran on the Charlotte Observer's website.  The picture on the right was run by a website called The Prevailing Ethos.
Robert and Virginia Gerald/Charlotte Observer

Robert and Virginia Gerald/The Prevailing Ethos

The Prevailing Ethos quoted The Observer, but used a different picture?

That's dumb! In an effort to avoid being dumb, I am using both pictures. Isn't modern journalism great!

 Oh, and while I'm still here, Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Gerald!

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