Miley Loses Vogue Cover

Miley Cyrus: Vogue is not amused.
Miley Cyrus raised a few eyebrows recently with her little performance on the Video Music Awards.

Much has been said. She's been both condemned and defended. I've always thought that talent is important. Taste and common sense are also traits that I admire. Yeah, I know that Miley is a 20 year old who wants to make as much money as possible, as quickly as possible.

If she were a little smarter, she would have looked at the bigger picture. With the proper amount of talent and with the proper management, her career could have blossomed. But like so many things in life, I've found the "garbage in/garbage out" adage to be consistent. Backing me up is the news that Miley's deal to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine has self destructed. Big deal? YES! If Vogue's wants you on the cover of their magazine, it's a big deal!  If they no longer want to be associated with you... it's time to start thinking, or reflecting, or whatever you high profile weirdos do.

What did we learn here, boys and girls? We learned that prancing around like an animal in heat on satellite television is hazardous to your career, especially when your fan base was little girls and boys. Hey Miley, the phone is for you... it's Hustler magazine!

Below, you can see two examples of recent Vogue covers.

Kate Upton


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