Ever been to a Demolition Derby?

It has been pointed out to me that a lot of big city folks have never been to a real Demolition Derby. Sure, you've got your daily rush hour fender benders in most of the larger cities, but here in the country, we smash up our cars - just for the hell of it. Well, not exactly, if we are good at it, we win a small cash prize and maybe a trophy.

If this is foreign to you, let me point out that these cars are projects of the participants. Most of these guys do the mechanical work, themselves.  You may be asking yourself if this is a waste of money.  If you view it as a hobby and if this sort of thing is customary, then, hell no, it's not a waste of money!  It's a shortcut to becoming a local folk hero.  Who could put a price tag on that?

Well, anyway, we usually have three demolition derbies a year - always on a Saturday night! I just thought that you may want to take a look. Be sure to turn your speaker volume all the way up and imagine a strong odor of burnt anti freeze and exhaust fumes and maybe some clumps of mud splattered on your face...enjoy!

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