Brooklyn Bar Raises Drinking Age To 25

Apparently, there have been problems at Phil's Crummy Corner in Brooklyn.  Neighbors have been complaining about loud drunks at the establishment.  The bar's response?  They raised the drinking age to 25!  Can they do this?  Apparently, yes.

Phil's Crummy Corner, Brooklyn, New York
This sounds like a rough place.   Since there have been so many complaints about this dive, I wonder if the State Liquor Authority has done anything?  If I were 21 - 24 this wouldn't bother me a bit.  I probably wouldn't drink there, anyway.  There are many many bars in Brooklyn.  Why would anybody PAY to drink in a snake pit filled with loud drunks?

By the way, when I was that age, the drinking age in New York State was 18.  That's right, back in the stone age, you could be served any kind of drink at 18.  Yeah, we had problems.  We also had consequences for our actions.  I knew guys who were banned from certain bars.  We had parental supervision - which was feared more than any type of law enforcement.  My friends and I knew how to drink without getting into trouble....and that was long before we turned 25.

The guys at Phil's are partly responsible for their own problems.

My advice:  Keep the drinking age at 21. Hire a few 300 pound bouncers, raise your price (gasp!) on some of your drinks and run a tighter ship!

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