JFK + 50 Years

The morning of November22, 1963, Dallas, Texas.
Yes, I remember where I was when I heard about it. I was in the 8th grade at a Catholic school when we learned that the first Catholic President had been shot. 

So, it's been 50 years and the crime is still a mystery. No one has been brought to justice. Why not? Is is possible that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only person involved? 


If you agree that he was not doing all of this on his own, then why haven't we caught the culprits? If we wanted to arrest the guilty party, don't you think we would have done it within 50 years? 

Without naming names, I have no doubt that the crime of November 22, 1963 was an inside job. Someone important wanted the President eliminated. Eliminated in such a way that a story could be created to put the blame on one or more people who were also quickly eliminated. 



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