Lara Logan Benched @ CBS

Lara Logan
They call it a leave of absence. Lara Logan and her producer are taking a forced vacation for an undetermined length of time.

This comes after CBS made an internal review of her October report on the Benghazi raid.

They based much of the report on a witness whose story is fishy. He tells some people that he saw the whole thing and he tells others that he was home and missed the whole thing. He wrote a book about it and it was published by a CBS owned company. (We call this cross promotion.)  The book has been pulled from shelves.

Shame. I thought Lara Logan to be an attractive compliment to the dinosaurs on 60 Minutes. I found a certain amount of charm in her foreign way that she carried herself. Is this wrong to look at a news person, this way? It's probably intentional. Maybe we should ask the producer's producer's boss and the people to whom he answers.

Bottom line is that it is CBS 60 Minutes.

It's just a TV show.

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