Julie Grauert, PIX Morning News

Julie Grauert
So a couple of months ago, I decided to tune into WPIX for their morning news. WPIX is one of the stations that I get on my Dish Network deal. I had heard that my ol' buddy, Marysol Castro was anchoring, 4-6 AM ET. Well she is and is doing a wonderful job!

I also noticed a fresh face - reporting on traffic. New York's morning traffic is very important to me, being that I live 800 miles away. Julie Grauert caught my eye. Pleasant, articulate, well dressed, properly poised and uh.....well.....really good looking. 

There's a problem, though. Julie has up to a minute to give her little traffic report and the camera is on her for about 5 seconds! Yeah, she's on every seven minutes or so with about 5 seconds of  "On Camera" time. Some kind of a split screen would go nicely, here....or maybe a rear video as is suggested in the picture. 

You can watch the WPIX Morning News "live" 4-9am et by clicking this link:  http://pix11.com/live/#axzz2f6zbofwY

Oh, guys, you are most welcome!  I try to do what I can..... Merry Christmas!

I see a bright future for Julie - in TV or in whatever she might want to do.

Julie, if you see this, please leave a comment!

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