Chinese Training Video Targets U.S. Bombers

China's 'Glorious Mission:' The enemy is us.
I don't pay too much attention to international news and even less to our national politicians. There in so much untruth floating around, so, why bother listening to any of their crap?

I found news that the Chinese don't like us very much. They also don't like the Japanese. The picture on the right is a screen shot from the Chinese state run newspaper, Global Times' Internet web site. The Chinese military has a training video called "Glorious Mission" where the user fights against the Japanese and aims a rocket launcher at two American B52s.

The Chinese economy is surviving off their exports to many countries including......that's right, the USA! It's difficult to understand rage against the very people who are helping with the basic Chinese standard of living. I'll put it another way, how can the Chinese people be mad at the people who "brought you" Wal Mart? 

Some basic diplomacy is needed, here.......

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