Person of the Sedalia, Mo.

Tuffy the Clown
So, Time Magazine has chosen its Person of the Year, the Pope. That's nice, but what about the
folks in Sedalia, Missouri?

Well, they have 7 people in the running for their local honor. Leading the pack is the Rodeo Clown, "Tuffy" who performed at the Missouri State Fair. You see, a lot of people, well... some people.. were upset that Tuffy was wearing an Obama mask during his routine. These people aren't aware that Presidential charictures have been common since the time of George Washington.

The clown's name is Tuffy Gessling - "Tuffy the Clown." The Person of the Year is all about the person who has had the greatest impact in the local area. Thumbs up, Sedalia!

The only clowns we have where I live are also known as incumbents.

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