Silva Defeated

Career ending kick: Anderson Silva, left, has his kick blocked by Chris Weidman.
I heard about this from Julie Grauert, PIX 11 traffic reporter. Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman were matched in a feature event, last night in Vegas. I'm not into this Mixed Martial Arts kind of thing, but I'm told that Silva was the best UFC fighter, ever. He's won a record 16 consecutive fights, including ten title defenses. Last July, the two went at it with Weidman knocking out Silva in the second round, taking Silva's UFC middleweight title. Last night, Silva broke his left leg during the second round as he attempted a kick to Weidman's legs. Weidman blocked the kick with his knee and Silva's left leg was broken. The contest was immediately halted. Silva is generally regarded as the best UFC fighter of all time.

This injury is likely a career ender.

Photo: Twitter @theSportsDude

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