New Mayor Wants Horses To Go

Central Park horse carriage
Before fleeing New York, Mrs. General Tom and I took a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. It was at sunset on a warm Autumn evening,  a very enjoyable experience. Actually, it's been a very enjoyable experience for folks since the 1850s! Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City has been mayor for less than 2 weeks and he says that the horses have to go! He wants the carriage rides to end. He says that they are cruel and outdated. Cruel? These horses are regulated by 7 different agencies. They are fed better and have better medical/dental care than most horses (and many Americans)  Horses like to walk. What do I know? My neighbor has 8 horses and they graze on part of my land.

Investigation shows that one of the Mayor's major campaign contributors wants to buy the property where these stables are, on the west side of Manhattan. The Mayor's buddy is a real estate developer. So, the scheme is to kick the carriage rides out of New York, render the stables useless, put 100s of carriage operators out of business, sell the stables to the developer, he builds some high rise residences and get very rich(er). That's the theory.

I think the whole thing stinks. Yeah, stinks a lot worse than horse manure on a hot day.

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