French Prez Threatens Suit Over Pics D'Affair

Closer's cover
The little people of the world have a juicy bit of gossip to be talking about. This may or may not be a recent development, but French President Francois Hollande is threatening to sue Cover magazine over a story about him and French actress Julie Gayet

Hollande is President of France. Closer took pictures of him allegedly pulling up to an apartment building, at night, on a scooter. They also had pictures of him scooting away in the morning. The inference is that the Prez and the actress are doing the dirty. She's married, he's living with a woman. Closer is selling lots of issues.

Should we care about this? It's really sad. I'm wondering who the "little people" are, here. Is it the characters in this probable romp or is it us who seek the tiny details.

I say that we should leave them alone. Their (alleged) search of a few minutes of intimate pleasure is false. It may have happened, but it lacks substance, it's futile. That's pitiful.
He and she should try to find some dignity and basically grow up.
French President Francois Hollande
Julie Gayet

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