Tabloid: Obamas Divorcing

Flirting With Dane-ger?
This story comes to us from the National Enquirer. You know, they're the folks who broke the story about John Edwards who knocked up his girlfriend as his wife was dying of Cancer.

Well, The Obama's are going through a difficult time. So much so that the tabloid says that Mrs. Obama has been talking with divorce lawyers and that she wants half of everything.

Icing on the cake is said to be the alleged flirt session between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Helle Thorning- Schmidt, Prime Minister of Denmark, as they were paying their respects at the Nelson Mandela memorial service. It got to the point where Mrs. Obama found it necessary to sit between her husband and Mrs. Thorning-Smith.

The Enquirer story speculates that the Obamas will continue to reside in the White House for the remainder of the President's term of office.

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