The World's Top 10 Blogs

As I await the great blizzard of 2014 and I watch the Indianapolis Colts get creamed by the Kansas City Chiefs, I was wondering about the top 10 blogs in the world. Who are they? Well, I did a search and found that the top 10 blogs in the world don't call themselves "blogs." Number one is The Huffington Post. They started almost a year after this one! It is estimated that they have 85 million monthly users. Good for them. Here's a list of the top ten blogs:

Huffington Post:  Most viewed blog
1. Huffington Post
2. TMZ
3. Gawker
4. Business Insider
5. Life Hacker
6. Gizmodo
7. Mashable
8. The Daily Beast
9. Perez Hilton
10. Tech Crunch

While these big shots have thousands of times as many visitors than I do, I am proud to say that YOU are here! Please visit often. You can bookmark the site, subscribe to the RSS feed or you can share any post with your Google+, Facebook or Twitter friends. I would suggest that you do all of the above. If you have any suggestions, we would be interested in hearing from you.


Chris Ludwig said...

Evedently you wrote this post before haltime of the Colts/ Kansas City game!

General Tom said...

That is correct!