TV Blackout Looms Over Wild Card*

National Football League - Shameless greed
There's a "TV Blackout Rule" in the National Football League. If a game is not sold out within 72 hours of kickoff, the game will not be broadcast locally on the designated commercial TV Network. Shame. In Cincinnati, Green Bay and Indianapolis, ticket sales are slow. As of now, Friday morning, each venue has a few thousand tickets left to be sold. The NFL has extended the deadline to today. Fan interest is high! If my wife and I were to travel the 90 miles to Lucas Oil Stadium and pay for parking, junk food and beer and, of course, the tickets, we could easily buy a big screen color TV and satellite service - FOR ONE DAMN GAME! If I made six figures, things would be different. We in the Midwest have other priorities, most of which require responsible people to pay money for. Oh, and the weather? This weekend will be the coldest of the season, so far. Indianapolis plays indoors, so it won't be a factor, there, but who wants to spend several hundreds of dollars to suffer 4 hours outside in 20 degree (or less) weather?  TV coverage is so good and so convenient that going to the game has become a very expensive chore. So, NFL, black me out if you wish. I can listen to the game on the radio for free. I can also watch on-line for free if I can find a place that is showing the game. Thanks for keeping us hostage and I really hope that your luxury boxes are all sold out!

*UPDATE:  The remaining Indianapolis Colts tickets were purchased by Meijer Stores.  The tickets will be given to military personnel.  Classy move.  Thank you, Meijer!  NFL, are you paying attention?

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