Bruno Mars' Superbowl Halftime Performance Paycheck

Bruno Mars
So, I'm watching the Superbowl and halftime comes and Bruno Mars takes the stage. He performed for 12 minutes and was joined by the Red Hit Chilli Peppers. I am told that Mars has sold more than 10 million albums during his four year career. So, I was wondering, how much did the NFL have to pay the guy?

Well, it turns out that the NFL paid Mars what it pays all of its Superbowl halftime performers. Nothing! Not a penny.

You see, more than 100 million people are watching. That's his payment. Last year's performance featured Beyonce and Destiny's Child. Following their 12 minutes of NFL fame, their album sales increased by 40%. When The Who performed, sales of their Greatest Hits album more than doubled.

It's exposure. It's the same reason why advertisers spend millions to hawk their wares.

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