Cabbie Stiffed On NYC-Boston Fare

Adnan Chaudhury
Denise Rebelato
Here's one for you. This past Wednesday, a woman hails a cab at NY's JFK airport and tells the driver that she's going to Framingham, Mass. The trip is roughly 200 miles. When they get there, 31 year old Denise Rebelato can't pay.

Two of her credit cards were refused, a visit to an ATM revealed an empty account, relatives couldn't help, either.

Rebelato threatened to call President Obama to complain about her treatment by local police. She says that she is unable to get a job because her son had been abused.

She's been charged with larceny over $250. The fare was $980. Taxi Driver, 28 year old Adnan Chaudhury says that the ride occupied his entire shift and that he's out $150 for cab rental, $400 in fares that he would have had, $75 in gas, and 40 in tolls.

Meanwhile, Rebelato's Google + profile says that she was “delivered from alcohol, weed, and some form of mysticism.” The Brazilian native has until April 7 to pay the driver $980 or a warrant will go out for her arrest.

She could have taken a bus for less than $40.

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