Sochi Games

The Winter Olympic games have begun. This is always cool. The NFL season is over, NASCAR hasn't started yet and baseball is still somewhere in the future. There's been a lot of talk about Sochi not being ready for the games. Claims have been made that some of the hotels don't have heat or hot water, that some doors lock from the "outside," etc. Maybe we should stop being so petty. Some of us are starting to sound like rich, spoiled Americans. Instead, we should enjoy and absorb the Russian culture as we watch the world's best athletes fulfill their lifelong dreams by competing on the international Olympic stage. So, pour yourself a shot of cheap vodka and light up a non-filter cigarette and burn it down to your fingers!  Root for your favorite athletes!

As for the quirks in the accommodations, we should remember that we have our own corruption and and inept construction workers.

It's not just a Russian thing.

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