Wednesday Foto - Stacey Hannant

Stacey Hannant
Today's Wednesday Foto is a little different. As I was examining the possibilities of subjects to use for this feature, I found this picture of Stacey Hannant.

There are plenty of pictures of Stacey on the internet. She photographs well, but beyond that, there was something about her pose in this one.  Obviously, her face is flawless, her body is that of a fashion model, her hair is interesting, but take a look at her fingers.  Yes, nice fingers - probably the most underated feature of the human body!  Yes nice pose!

Stacey is a 23 year old model from Doncaster, UK.  She's won several national competitions and she travels throughout the UK and Europe as a model.  She's done print, TV and music videos.

If you're still reading, click the image to see the full sized picture...and have a great remainder of the week...

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