Costas Dismisses Criticism

Bob Costas: Expert on sports, guns and everything!
The title says that Bob Costas dismisses criticism. Isn't that nice! You know that you're important when you can simply dismiss criticism....and that's it.

 Well, the absolute and complete sports authority for the entire world, Bob Costas has recently been criticised by Greg Gutfeld of Fox News. Gutfeld noted that Costas who made his famous Sunday Night Football halftime rant on the "NFL gun culture" in December, is constantly surrounded by armed bodyguards. Here's where the criticism dismissal comes in. Costas acknowledges the bodyguards, but said that they are hired by the NFL or by NBC, not by him.

I think that Gutfeld's point is that these guards are armed and that they are protecting him (Costas) personally while he continues to be anti gun. George Orwell could not have written a better script!

Costas made his comments in an interview with Howard Kurtz. Kurtz and Gutfeld are both employed by Fox News.

Personally, I seriously wonder why anyone would ever aspire to a position where armed guards are necessary. I believe in the persuit of happiness, but how can happiness require armed bodyguards?

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