WGN Radio Drops The Cubs

It has been announced that WGN Radio will cease broadcasting Chicago Cubs games at the end of this season.

Huh? If you aren't familar with the Cubs or with WGN, the radio station IS Chicago. The Cubs ARE Chicago's baseball team. Sorry, White Sox - the Cubs have more fans. Anyway, the tradition of Cubs baseball on WGN is crumbling.
  This tradition began in 1925
Why is this happening? Is it because the Cubs are playing horrible baseball? NO! The Cubs are famous for playing horrible baseball! I'll tell you the reason - GREED! We have a radio station in my area that has been carrying the Cubs for more than 20 years....until this year. The cost of carrying the cubs is now prohibitive in our area of rural Indiana/Illinois. At one time, it was free (as it should be) if the station carried the network commercials. Who's being greedy? The Cubs? Probably. WGN? Possibly, but probably not.

Look for the Cubs on WBBM radio next year.

Wrigley Field is celebrating 100 years, this year. Attendance at the ballpark is down more than 15% from 2009. You can blame that on ticket prices. If you aren't rich, you can't afford to go to too many games. If you are rich, you have other things to do. The Cubs and their followers will, of course, survive. Chicago is an amazing place. It has a history of corrupt government and voters who can't seem to get it right. It also has a history of supporting a losing baseball team.

It's Chicago.

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