Removal of "Offensive" sign offends me

Offensive Sign
There's a restaurant, Sneakers Bistro, in Burlington, Vermont that serves food. Among the food is bacon. An Islamic woman who lives in the area found the (adjacent) sign to be offensive and made a big stink. The restaurant decided to remove the sign. One of their reasons for doing this was "safety." They were fearful that a dangerous situation would arise over a sign that advertises BACON!

Here's what I see is wrong, here. The Islamic woman should realize that some people eat pork products. She's in the USA. If pork comsumption is so revolting to her, maybe she picked the wrong country to live in.

Equally wrong is the restaurant's immediate decision to cave in and remove the sign. This decision would keep me from ever eating at this greasy spoon.....ever.

Perhaps the Islamic woman should move to Isreal. I hear that there's not a lot of bacon there.

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