NFL Picks - Week 11

Wow! A couple more weeks like last week and I can be famous for this. If I keep it up, maybe I'll be quoted by the young big shots on TV who constantly YELL AT EACH OTHER about things that haven't happened, yet. I don't watch sports TV. I watch the games. I don't need hype & drama.

 Here are my picks. Take note, planet:

new orleans at CAROLINA
buffalo at CINCINNATI
PITTSBURGH at cleveland
baltimore at DALLAS
jacksonville at DETROIT
TENNESSEE at indianapolis
tampa bay at KANSAS CITY
arizona at MINNESOTA
chicago ay GIANTS

MIAMI at los angeles
philadelphia at SEATTLE
NEW ENGLAND at san francisco

green bay at WASHINGTON

HOUSTON at oakland

Actual Winner
This Week:  10 & 4
This Season:  99 & 60

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