Lolly Vegas Passes

You know that you're getting older when you sit and watch as some of your favorite musical icons age and eventually die. Lolly Vegas, lead singer and co-founder of Redbone died today of cancer. He was 70. Vegas, second from the right, in the picture, wrote and sang the group's biggest hit: "Come And Get Your Love." I played that song thousands of times on AFN Frankfurt. It was one of my favorites. It peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. That was in 1974. Redbone was different. They were a combination of Latino and native American members.

In an effort to remember Lolly Vegas at his height in popularity, click this link to see and hear him and Redbone on YouTube with their immortal contribution to American music!

It's rock music the way it should be - people with guitars, singing into microphones!

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