Retiring Ronald?

Sometimes I don't recognize the country that I'm living in! Is this still the United States of America? Do we still have Freedom of Speech? Freedom to choose which restaurant we want?

There's a movement by Corporate Accountability International to "retire" Ronald McDonald. Retire, in this case, is another word for ban or eliminate. These goons have a website: Am I missing something here? Are they selling illegal food at McDonalds? Is a Big Mac a controlled substance - like alcohol or tobacco? Of course not! The group says that Ronald McDonald is responsible for putting the American youth on an unhealthy diet. Well, the grub at Mickey Dee's isn't the healthiest. Most of us know this. My question is, do these kids have parents? Is it Ronald McDonald or is it mommy and daddy who is paying for the food that we are all so concerned about? Are the parents too lazy to prepare a nutritious meal for the kids? (They're too busy) Why do some people have kids, anyway?

It sounds like McDonald's and Ronald McDonald are a stronger force on your fat kid than you are, mommy and daddy. If you don't want your kids to eat there, don't take them there! Act like a parent....not a friend. McDonald's has a right to have Ronald McDonald represent their restaurants. He's not breaking any laws! Put your kid on the cross country team, or basketball team, you know - teach the kid that breaking a sweat is not a bad or dangerous thing. W.C. Fields had a dislike for kids. Today, he would have a stronger dislike for parents.

Don't screw with McDonald's. I prefer White Castle....but that's not important. McDonalds has a right to distribute true and accurate advertisements. Don't clown around with our freedoms!

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