Monday Foto - Desiree-Elyda Villalobos

Desiree-Elyda Villalobos
Happy Monday! We start the work week off with two real nice pictures of Desiree-Elyda Villalobos.

Desiree is from Romania and lives in Canada.

Click the pictures to get a better look and have a good week!


Anonymous said...

news flash, bigger isnt always better. wish your plastic surgeon told you that. YUCK!

Anonymous said...


Just because she has huge boobs doesn't mean that they are fake. They MAY be fake, but pics where her tits are pushed way up don't really give us a good idea.

Anonymous said...

speak for yourself. i think she looks smoking HOT!

General Tom said...

For the record, everything you see, here, is natural and God-given. Desiree measures 32G-25-36. You may want to check out her Facebook page: