# Of Bloggers Down

Is it lame to blog a post about the shrinking number of bloggers? Half as many teens are blogging than they did 5 years ago.

This is happening as the number of Internet users increases as does time spent per person on line.

The reason for this is the popularity of Facebook and Twitter. No longer do you have to come up with fresh material, with Twitter and FB you can simply post and entry when you feel like it and your entire audience reads it. You can also comment and be heard instantly.

However, with a blog you can reach strangers, outside of your little circle. That's what I like. Blogging takes a little effort, especially when you do more than copy and paste from other blogs. A lot of the blogs that I read include the blogger's breakfast menu...what a waste of time!

Oh, if you're wondering, a 3 egg monteray jack cheese omelet & coffee.

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