Rooney Retires

Andy Rooney

He's been working at CBS since 1948! Andy Rooney is a writer. He's also a producer, but he's best known as the guy with the brief commentary at the end of "60 Minutes."

I'm a fan of his...usually. Like I say, he's primarily a writer. When he's on TV, sometimes, during his past 1,096 essays, he comes off as a bitter old man. Not very appealing. Occasionally he hits the nail on the head, but more often his subject matter is a little less than relevant. Still, for some reason I like him. Probably because he's unique - a link to the past, you know, before things got stupid.

Andy Rooney is 92. He probably should retire. I mentioned that he sometimes appears to be bitter or unhappy. I don't think that that's the case. If he were really unhappy with his work at CBS he would have retired long ago.

His final appearance on 60 Minutes is on this Sunday, 11/2/11,  I hope he continues to know, like maybe he could start a blog...
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