Satellite Shower

Artist's rendition of YARS.  Photo courtesy of NASA

You will probably be hearing a little more about this as time goes on. UARS is falling. UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) was launched in 1991. The 6 1/2 ton craft was designed to study the ozone level and to make other measurements. It's mission ended in 2005. It is expected to fall to Earth on September 23rd...give or take a day. This means that we can expect a "shower" on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

NASA says probably 26 pieces of UARS will survive the heat of re-entry through the atmosphere and will fall over a 500 mile area.

NASA sets the odds of a person being hit by a piece of UARS debris at 1 in 3,200...about the same odds as the Colts reaching the Super Bowl.

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