Age Rage Brings Suit

There is an actress who wants to remain unnamed and she is suing Amazon/IMDB for a million dollars because....are you ready for this? Because they published her age!

She says that it is difficult for a struggling, up and coming actress to find work when producers see a true and accurate age, which may indicate that an actress is washed up...even if she looks younger than she is.

I say, "What about talent?" If you've been struggling for a couple dozen years, you may be a little "short on talent" and you may want to consider a different line of work?

It is believed that IMDB discovered the plaintiff's age when she subscribed to the site's premium service - using her credit card.  She is seeking $1 million in damages.

I am practically amazed that there is an attorney in the United States who would take this case, with any expectation of winning! If the published age on the INDB is correct, I don't see a problem.

Maybe she should try suing producers who do not hire her! 

Grow up.....and get a job.

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