Banning Easter

Lydia Davenport: "Thou shalt be diverse!"
Fasten your seat belts, I'm going to take you on a quick trip to Asininity. Yeah, it's a small town in Alabama which, til now has been called, "Madison, Alabama."
I bet the Madison School Board members are real proud of their Heritage Elementary School Principal, Lydia Davenport!
You see, Dr. Davenport has banned EASTER at her school. Yes, EASTER, the word. This has been done in the name of religious diversity.

Personal note - I'm not sure how you can be diverse if you ban the things of which you are being diverse. If I were an educated idiot; or a social dictator; or a weirdo, in general; I might understand. But, you don't know if I have a PhD or a Masters, or a Bachelors degree or if I'm a High School dropout, do you? I don't wear my educational achievements on my sleeve. It's not necessary.

In Madison, the kids are still going to hunt for eggs. They, of course, won't be called EASTER eggs. They will have a bunny, it won't be called an EASTER bunny.

Another personal note - I went to a Catholic elementary school. We did not have an EASTER egg hunt. We sure as hell didn't have an EASTER bunny. Instead we were taught about the meaning of EASTER

You see, Dr. Davenport, religiously, EASTER has nothing to do with eggs nor bunnies.

You must love your power. It must make you feel BIG and important!
NO,...................................................It's making you look real stupid!

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