Judge Joe "Retires"

Judge Joe Brown
The world is slowly changing...and not necessarily for the better. I found out today that Judge Joe Brown is retiring.

He's been a "TV Judge" for 15 years, but I've only been watching for the past two or three seasons.  I like the show.  Judge Joe is the #2 rated "TV Judge" show. He trails Judge Judy

Well, the secret behind Judge Joe's retirement is the fact that CBS is canceling his show. CBS is the parent company of the show's distributor. Judge Joe was pulling down an estimated $20 million per year. The ratings slipped in February. (This is important.)  When national ratings fall, commercial revenue also falls. The show's producers and Judge Joe couldn't agree on a new, lower salary. So, Judge Joe is retiring. 

Oh, about those commercials: My wife and I watch this show, everyday. It airs during the midday - while we are working.   We record it and watch when we can....zapping past the commercials! I suspect that this is how most of Judge Joe's employed viewers watch his show. 

Ironic - Do TV ratings really matter?  Busy people (with disposable income) watch TV on their DVR without the commercials.

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