91 Year Old WWII Vet Being Evicted

91 year old John J. Potter
This story is odd and cruel and generally unbelievable!

91 year old John J. Potter is being evicted from his Zaleski, Ohio home by.....his daughter! Potter built the house 56 years ago. Nine years ago, because of bad health, he signed power of attorney rights to his daughter. With this authority, the daughter bought the house.

There's some bad blood between Potter and his daughter. She wants him out - saying that he no longer owns the place and he's not paying rent!  She says that she wants to sell the house.

There's a special place in Hell for this bitch. 

Potter is a decorated WWII combat veteran. His granddaughter is teaming up with him to buy the house. They need $125,000. They have a website and in the past 17 days, they have raised $36,497 from 1,588 people. To visit the website, click: www.gofundme.com/GrandpaJohnJPotter.

Potter's eviction notice tales effect on June 12.

Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter.  Mr. Potter turns 92, later this month.  Let's give him a nice birthday present.


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