Random Foto - Emily Brady

Emily Brady
Time for another Random Foto! I'd like to point out the reason for this particular feature. I've mentioned this before. I've probably mentioned it a few times, over the years. The reason for these little random fotos is to maintain the blog's hit count. Yes, I am aware that some of you visit only for the occasional "window dressing." That's OK with me. I spent more time than I probably should, on finding attractive, natural female humans. They represent God's design...at its best!  Without this feature, my core "body" of work would not be seen by as many people.

Enough! If you are still reading, the lady in the adjacent photo is from England. Her name is Emily Brady. She's done some modeling. With the correct diet, you'll be hearing (and seeing) much more of Emily.

Click the image to get the full picture and have a nice day.

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