Cardinals Erase Christian Symbol

Oh my God eh, gosh!  It's a cross and a fish?
The St. Louis Cardinals have always struck me as an odd organization. This dates back to 1964 when I became aware of their existence as they played the Yankees in the World Series.

On the right, you see the pitcher's mound at their home ballpark. You can see that a "cross" was drawn on the mound. Near the cleat cleaner, you can see something that looks like a Christian "fish symbol." Well, that's not a "fish." It is a number "6," in tribute to Stan Musial, a former Cardinal player who died, last January.

So what? Religion in baseball is nothing new.  For years, players have made the "sign of the cross" in the batter's box.

Well, a Cardinal fan complained. Michael Vines did not pitch his bitch to the Cardinals, no, he sent an e-mail to the St. Louis Riverfront Times newspaper. A real grownup would have complained to the "offender" - the Cardinals.

Well, the mystery/problem has been solved and has been taken care of. A groundskeeper, on occasion, has drawn the offending images on the mound. He was told by the Cardinals to stop. It's a relief to know that he did not lose his job!

I'd like to point out to Mr. Vines that his city, Saint Louis, is named after a SAINT! Also a cardinal is a red bird....but it's also a high ranking official in the Catholic Church!

Mr. Vines, grow up.

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