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Hallmark: Dumb or Weird?
Political correctness moves on to the Christmas Season. Hallmark, you know - the company that makes the expensive greeting cards, well, for a few years now, they've been making their Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments. Personal opinion, but I don't think that any Christmas Sweater is ugly. But then, I'm not as hip as Hallmark! This year, Hallmark is issuing an ornament that changes the traditional wording in a popular Christmas song. "Now we don our GAY apparel" has been changed to "Now we don our FUN apparel.

Those of us who are familiar with the dictionary know that one word can have several meanings. The dictionary lists the word, followed by the most popular meaning, followed by a second or slang meaning and then, perhaps an antiquated meaning of the word.

Changing the words is simply catering to ignorant people who: 1. Do not know that the word has more than one meaning and 2. Have a one track mind.

I find it interesting (sort of) that Hallmark is still calling these Christmas sweaters instead of Holiday sweaters.

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