Nice Story

Jordyn Self and Saige
This is a cool story about a 10 year old who is doing something nice for someone she doesn't know and is making a sacrifice in the meantime.

10 year old Jordyn Self is from Texas. Her elementary school is accepting donations for CARE packages to be sent to soldiers who are stationed overseas. Donations were running low. 

Our little friend, Jordyn, "found out" that she was getting an American Girl doll for Christmas. These dolls cost more than $100. Jordyn asked her mother to return the doll and put the money into the donation.

Mother and daughter put their heads together and decided to raffle the doll on Facebook. So far they collected $1,500 with more than three days to go!

Jordyn and her mom were on the NBC Today Show, so there's no telling how much money they will haul in.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone decides to buy an American Girl doll for Jordyn, anyway.

Nice little story.

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