Beer Sales going down the drain

Approaching Extinction
Being a beer drinker, this story is difficult for me to accept. The sale of beer in the U.S. is down. It dipped 2.3% between 2007 and 2012. Some of the big guys are hurting, big time.

The nine major brands that are losing the most, in reverse order, are: Labatt Blue, Budweiser, Heineken Premium Light, Milwaukee's Best, Old Milwaukee, Miller Genuine Draft, Milwaukee's Best Premium, Budweiser Select and Michelob Light.


Two main reasons. reasons.
Marketing. These beers aren't doing a very good job of marketing. Money is either being misspent or not being spent at all.
Taste. All the marketing/cute commercials in the world will not substitute for a good product. When you take shortcuts on production and ingredients, the product will suffer.

Experts say that "light" beer has hurt some of the main brands. Also, micro breweries. Well, a beer drinker, if a micro brewery can make a tasty beer for approximately the same price as a name brand...guess what's gonna happen! The problem with the beer companies in the U.S. is that they are not being run by beer people! By beer people, I mean people who love beer! The "suits" and "business experts" are more concerned with cutting costs than they are with producing their best possible product.

 This is true with beer, automobiles, dish washers...and anything else being made for sale to the general public.  If your product sucks, eventually we'll catch on!

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