Cameron Lyle: A True Champion

Cameron Lyle: Hero & Champion
This story has been circulating on the Internet for a while. It is so unlikely that I decided to use it only after it was verified by Snopes and a few other sources that I trust.

Last Spring, an athlete at the University of New Hampshire decided to shorten his college athletic career to save the life of a young man he never met. Cameron Lyle excelled in the Shot Put and Hammer Throw at UNH. A couple of years ago,  he registered as a bone marrow donor.  Suddenly, he discovers that he is a rare match for a man who was suffering from Leukemia with less than 6 months to live without a bone marrow transplant. The possibility of matching a non-family member is about 5 Million to one. Without hesitation, Lyle agreed to donate the bone marrow. There was no time to wait, the operation was done immediately. A needle was used to withdraw liquid bone marrow from his pelvic bone. After the surgery, he would not be allowed to lift more than 20 pounds over his head, which rules out all his athletic events. There you have it. Cameron Lyle of Plaistow, N.H. He didn't win the Division 1 Trophy for the Shot Put nor the Hammer Throw.

It doesn't matter, because in matters that really matter, he's a champion.

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