NFL Picks - Week 12, 2015

Last week was my worst of the season for picks.  The Thanlsgiving Day games were even worse.  It seems like no amount of analysis on my part is very effective in predicting the correct outcome of these games.  In other words, I think I'm looking too far into things. a record amount of time, I quickly put together the following picks, using little or no thought.

philadelphia at DETROIT
carolina at DALLAS
chicago at GREEN BAY

MINNESOTA at atlanta
saint louis at CINCINNATI
NEW ORLEANS at houston
tampa bay at INDIANAPOLIS
san diego at JACKSONVILLE
BUFFALO at kansas city
miami at JETS
OAKLAND at tennessee
GIANTS at washington

ARIZONA at san francisco
PITTSBURGH at seattle

NEW ENGLAND at denver

BALTIMORE at cleveland

General Tom's Pick
Winning Team
Week's Record:  8 & 8
Tom's Season Record:  103 & 72

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