That Steve Harvey, Miss Universe thing......

I've had time to think about this.  By now, you probably know that Steve Harvey, the Host of the Miss Universe Pageant, named the wrong person as the winner of the pageant.  This can happen.  It was LIVE TV.  Live TV is not very common, anymore.  Most newscasts are live.  Sporting events, too, but not much else.

Actual card that Steve Harvey was holding when he announced Miss Colombia
as Miss Universe
Here's what should have happened and why this is not such a bad thing for "Miss Universe."

During the moment before the emcee announces the winner of the contest, there is a dramatic pause.  During this pause, we, the audience, are looking at the contestants and guesing who is going to prevail.  Meanwhile, the emcee should be looking at the card and he should be taking advantage of the dramatic pause to focus on what he is going to say.  This didn't happen.  Steve Harvey's mouth was moving without engaging his brain.  This happens.  I've done this many times on LIVE radio.  Usually you can get away with it.

This is not necessarily a bad thing for the Miss Universe Pageant.  Why?  Because everybody is talking about it.  Earlier on Sunday, I had no idea that the pageant was being held when it was. Today, it was a popular topic of conversation.

Solution?  Make them both Miss Universe! That's what Trump suggested and I agree. Trump, by the way, sold the "Miss Universe" contest, earlier in the year.  Duplicate the prizes for both women.

There is room enough in the Universe for two Miss Universes in the same year.

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