Goodbye, Kathy.

Photo credit TMZ
I am wondering how someone could hate someone so much that they could think that being a part of this picture would be a good idea.

 Is Kathy Griffin looking for new fans from ISIS?

 Some of us may wonder what this picture tells the world about the USA and what it's people are like. Do Americans find this stuff entertaining?

Look, folks. This is not a political blog. I don't give a rat's ass who the Kathy Griffins of the world support. I also don't give a rat's ass about any kind of apology she may have given.

I saw the picture.

 As an American, as a veteran and as a taxpayer, I am offended. The offense I feel is that we, as a country, should never accept this type of behavior.

Move over, Jane Fonda. Your torch as been passed.

For me, any network or entertainment medium that employs this woman is guilty by association. It is time to be held accountable. Or am I being too much of a responsible adult?

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