Cohen Quits 5 Days after Nomination

This is the way we do things in Illinois! Scott Lee Cohen is a businessman, a pawnbroker and owner of a cleaning products distribution company. Well, our man Scott out-spent the competition on campaign advertising and last Tuesday, the political unknown won the Democratic nomination for Illinois Lt. Governor! Sounds like an American success story, right?


During the past 5 days, Democrats started to look at Scott's past.

Not good.

Allegations that he abused his ex-wife and that he threatened his ex-girlfriend with a knife, raised some eyebrows. Oh, the ex-girlfriend had been arrested and charged with prostitution. Cohen also admitted past steroid use.

I don't get it! He's a natural for Illonois politics! The Democratic machine suggested that he step down. Well, he did - last night in a Chicago bar during the Super Bowl halftime. (I'm not kidding) Democrats will select a replacement.

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