NFL Picks - Week 13, 2013

Week 13
Wow! Last week was a disaster. I went 5 and 8. This was one of my worst weeks, ever! Worse were the defensive performances of certain teams. Not to mention names, but Denver, Chicago, Giants, Kansas know who you are!

I'd like to see all the players of all the teams get a 20% raise! With that raise comes the stipulation that if your team loses, you get paid $0. You know, like real life. Naw, that would never work.....silly me! Here are my picks:

green bay at DETROIT
oakland at DALLAS
pittsburgh at BALTIMORE

tampa bay at CAROLINA
jacksonville at CLEVELAND
NEW ENGLAND at houston
tennessee at INDIANAPOLIS
CHICAGO at minnesota
miami at JETS
ARIZONA at philadelphia

atlanta at BUFFALO
st. louis at SAN FRANCISCO
DENVER at kansas city
cincinnati at SAN DIEGO

GIANTS at washington

NEW ORLEANS at seattle

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