Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday! It's a day when we are reminded and encouraged to spend our money and support our local, small businesses. This is something that I do on a routine basis. I do this on typical purchases from gasoline to groceries. You may not realize it but it makes a huge difference. It helps to keep your local neighbor in business and it keeps your local community from evolving into a ghost town. You know, like the typical American landscape, where all the smaller shops are closed and there's a Wal Mart thriving, down by the Interstate.

Wal Mart may be fine for some people, but I prefer spending my money where I know the business owner, personally. Do you ever feel stupid when you fill your car up with gas and spend $50 or more at a corporate owned convenience store and the clerk doesn't say "Thank you?" (You interrupted his phone conversation?)

It's nice to have the business owner look you in the eye as he is giving you your change and say "Thank you." If you think that it's cheaper to shop at the BIG stores, yes it often is, on the surface.
Do the big stores contribute to the local community? Do they have a tax abatement? (No or reduced property tax in return for gracing us with their presence)? Do they sponsor our Little League Teams, hire upper management locally? Nope.

You may be wondering about the advertisements on this page.  Aren't they big corporations?
Yes, but I am the local guy who gets a few bread crumbs (commission) when you buy through them!

IT IS Small business Saturday. I don't want to tell you what to do.
 Just think about it.

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